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This age old Thai treatment removes negative energy and sluggishness, soothes muscle tension and eases out stiffness. The healing session begins with the application of a warm herbal poultice containing therapeutic Thai herbs and spices, followed by a full body massage using an aromatic herbal oil blend. The Thai Herbal Compress is infused with the highly prized local ingredient from Thailand, which has been used for centuries in northern Thailand to relieve muscular aches and pains.


60 Minutes $129

90 Minutes $169


Using a combination of strokes and acupressure techniques along with the signature aromatherapy oil blend of your choice (organic ingredient), this gentle massage delivers waves of deep relaxation and pure pleasure.


60 Minutes $99

90 Minutes $139


Experience the deep penetrating heat and healing power of warm volcanic stone in a full body massage using traditional techniques to release muscular tension and balance the spirit with the signature oil. This treatment is a truly relaxing with smooth basalt hot stones of varying sizes on parts of the body, detoxifying the body and relaxing the nervous system.


60 Minutes $99

90 Minutes $139


Combining revered eastern and western techniques focuses on using more pressure in purpose designed movements with our signature oil blend, this massage stimulates the circulation and deeply relaxes muscles.


60 min $119

90 min $159


Passed down through generations, this unique and exotic technique is known to many as ‘PASSIVE YOGA’, as it offers the ultimate body workout. Let your expert therapist do all the work - while you enjoy the benefits. Experience how pressure point and stretching techniques effectively release tension, increase flexibility and boost vitality.

60 Minutes $99

90 Minutes $139


Relieve stresses and strains, heavy legs and an aching back with this all over body treatment. The Treatment includes relaxing and rejuvenating full scalp and facial massage. Products are layered onto the body to ensure complete hydration.


*Must be past your First Trimester (12 weeks)


60 Minutes $119


An unforgettable 30 minutes aromatic and therapeutic scalp and shoulder massage with a moisturizing organic coconut hair oil treatment.

30 Minutes $69



A deep tension relieving massage concentrating on the back, neck and shoulders. This treatment is tailored to address any areas of concern and uses the most appropriate massage techniques.


30 Minutes $59

45 Minutes $79


Experience holistic balance and deep relaxation. This fascinating treatment provides physical and spiritual renewal by applying specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to various reflex points on the feet to effectively stimulate corresponding organ groups in the upper body to promote general wellbeing.


30 Minutes $59

60 Minutes $99

Lanna Spa Etiquette


• We recommend that you do not sunbathe after any oil treatments.

• For men – please shave prior to all facial treatments to ensure that maximum results are achieved.

• Smoking and the use of mobile phones is not permitted in the spa.

• Arriving late will decrease the time of your treatment. Full rates would still apply in this instance.

• Client who have high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, who are pregnant or have any other medical complications are advised to consult a doctor before signing up for any treatments.

• Please notify our spa receptionists of any existing medical conditions

• Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to your treatment in order to complete your health assessment form and take time to relax in our tranquil surroundings before your treatment.

• Please note that the spa is unsuitable for small children and babies, unless receiving treatment, as we try to ensure that all our clients benefit from the tranquil surroundings.

• Lanna Oriental Spa is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

• Please give 24 hours’ cancellation notice on your appointment, otherwise 50% of the price may be charged to your account.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice

All online deals can use for new customer only.

Treatments are available from 10.00 am - 8.00 pm

For reservations, please contact Lanna Oriental Spa

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Therapeutic Massage

Take advantage of our Therapeutic Massage that designs to rejuvenate you. Get a 90min relaxing massage session for only $90.00

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